Venue Policies

SMOKING:  I agree that there will be NO SMOKING allowed inside The Bradford House and no illegal substances or activities allowed. Smoking is allowed in designated areas only.

AREAS AVAILABLE FOR USE:  The area of my party must not extend beyond the house, garden, or pavilion.  Guests must not enter the wooded, uncleared areas of the property.  Only Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, parents, and photographer are allowed upstairs for changing clothes before and after the event. THERE MAY BE NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES CONSUMED IN, OR BROUGHT FROM, THE PARKING LOT.

CLEANING:  General cleaning such as sweeping, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, etc.  are included in my package. If there is excessive clean up or damage (such as litter inside, on the grounds, in bride/groom suites, parking lot where car is decorated, etc) I will pay an additional $100 and the cost of any repairs.  Birdseed, glitter, confetti, spray string, balloons, sparklers, etc. are strictly prohibited.  ALLOWED: Bubbles outside, real flower petals are allowed outside, silk petals inside.

CONDITION OF PROPERTY:  Property will be left in the condition it is found.  Damages or theft are the responsibility of the Bride/Groom or Host and additional fees may be assessed or refundable deposit forfeited for damage or failure to adhere to policies.

LIABILITY: I, host/user accept and release The Bradford House and Gardens, its owners, and employees of any liability.  I assume full financial liability and responsibility for any damage or loss of property belonging to The Bradford House, or any personal injury to anyone that may result during my event or as a result of my event.  Additionally, if I contract other professionals, florists, musicians, ministers, directors, etc., I accept liability and responsibility for them and their actions.  The Bradford House is not responsible for items lost, stolen, or destroyed.  

SERVING OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: If alcohol is served, I host/user will comply with The Bradford House bar policies and  I understand and accept the Policy Statement regarding the serving of alcoholic beverages as follows.Only beer and wine may be served at The Bradford House:  

Unattended self-serve bars are not allowed.  

No drinking on the street, in the parking lot or on neighboring properties.  

Parties in violation of the Bar Policy will be ended immediately.  

Food and beverages served at The Bradford House are for consumption inside the buildings or the garden only.  

Service is by a “bartender” provided by The Bradford House.  

All arrangements will be made in advance with The Bradford House and appropriate fees paid in advance.  

The Bradford House Staff reserves the right to refuse alcoholic beverages to anyone who they believe has had enough to drink.  

The bartender will have contact information for Taxi service available close to the facility.

Hall County requires that EVERYONE, regardless of age, must show valid ID every time they are served alcoholic beverages.  NO EXCEPTIONS

Under no circumstances will underage drinking be allowed on Bradford House and Gardens property. Legal identification required.

ALCOHOL LIABILITY:  I UNDERSTAND THAT I, Host/user, accept total and complete liability and financial responsibility for any damage or excessive clean-up to property or personal injury or deaths that may result or be alleged to result from serving of alcohol at my event.  The Bradford House, its employees, owners, bartender, and other personnel are released of any liability whatsoever, and are held completely harmless.  Any damage awards, attorney fees, and/or judgments against The Bradford House will be paid by me as host/user.

CONTRACTED RENTAL TIME:  I understand that this contract is for a “package” wedding and/or reception/event which have definite time guidelines.   Your contract time is the time you, your vendors, guests, or wedding party has rented this facility.  YOU, YOUR VENDORS, GUESTS, AND WEDDING PARTY MUST NOT ARRIVE PRIOR TO THIS CONTRACTED TIME NOR REMAIN ON THE PROPERTY AFTER THIS CONTRACTED TIME.  

WEDDING REHEARSALS/DIRECTOR SERVICES: Must be scheduled around events and facility availability. If the wedding is at The Bradford House and Gardens, our wedding director is available for your rehearsal and wedding. If you provide your own director, you will also be limited to one hour for the rehearsal.  Rehearsal must be scheduled in advance with a Bradford House representative. During the rehearsal, your group must meet in the pavilion before and after the rehearsal.  Our staff will be preparing for events inside and we must ask that you and your quests remain outside.

SAFETY AND PRESENTATION OF FOOD:  In order to maintain quality and safety, food will remain on the buffet for no more than 2 hours after the wedding ceremony start time. This time allowance will allow all of your guest to go through the buffet at least one time.

DJ/MUSIC/BAR RULES:  Music and bar must shut down no later than 30 minutes prior to end of contract time. All family, wedding party, guests, vendors and equipment must be off the property at contract ending time.

DEPOSIT: Deposit to reserve time and date is $1500 which is applied to your package and is NON-REFUNDABLE.

CANCELLATIONS:  Must be made in writing, signed by Host/user and all money paid toward my event is NON-REFUNDABLE.

PAYMENTS:  Booking fee of $1500 to hold the date is due the day of signing.   The estimated balance due will be divided into six equal payments – one-sixth due 180 days in advance; one-sixth is due 150 days before the event, one-sixth due 120 days before the event, one-sixth due 90 days before the event; one-sixth is due 60 days prior to the event; and final balance due 30 days before the event. If Payments are not made according to the above schedule, the event may be altered by the Bradford House and Gardens staff and a 5% penalty for late payment will be added to the payment which is late.

CREDIT CATD PAYMENTS:  There will be no additional charge for initial deposits made with credit cards.  However, subsequent payments will incur an additional 3% charge for the use of credit cards .